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A Simple Proposal

The war on terror has failed.  The reason it has failed is because the US has a war, but it is not a nation at war.  The answer to this is mandatory conscription, a 100% draft for all men and women, rich and poor, urban suburban and rural.

Terrorist bombings including 9/11, The Oklahoma bombing, and others have killed more people than all mass shootings put together.  That’s why we need to fight the fight at home.  If everyone were military trained, there wouldn’t be any more bombings, or mass shootings for that matter.

Laws are already being proposed at the federal level which would endanger families in rural areas with no timely police service for the greater safety, so why not endanger everyone’s children for the greater safety.  As it is asked in Washington D.C., what if it just saves one life?  Are young people so greedy that they can’t give two years of their life over to danger if in the final count if our actions result in just one life being saved?

Imagine looking at the parents from the Sandy Hook tragedy and telling them that compulsory military service so this never happens again just isn’t worth it? Had those teachers at VA tech or Sandy Hook had military experience, they could have prevented those tragedies when the shooter was reloading.  Not what if it just saves one person, what if it saves one whole school?

Arguably there wouldn’t be any additional casualties as the US is always going to have a standing army, the difference is that it would be more fairly distributed across socioeconomic lines, rather than as it currently is, mostly in the rural population that will already be paying in lessened safety from federal gun restrictions.  Compulsory military service will keep them from taking that hit to safety twice.



at the very least they would learn how to operate their pants


Arguably once the sons of senators and governors are in the Armed Forces, body armor will improve, people will demand that the congress spends defense dollars more pragmatically instead of on what defense lobbyists want them to buy.  

Everyone will be safer against terrorism, shootings, and once everyone is military trained in handling weapons, there won’t be a need for further federal gun laws, which will provide for the safety of rural people who are currently being pinched, as voters in the minority voice.